Bob Brown Looks Back

Bob Brown’s visit to Ticknall Garden Club on January 12th 2016 turned out to be a meandering miscellany of memories with choice nuggets of advice along the way. After 25 years of experience in the world of growing plants he felt qualified to offer some quite contrary advice on long accepted garden practice.

Agapanthus, he declared, do not need overcrowding in pots to flower. Feed them generously, plant in the ground and split often. And they were far hardier than people imagined.

Don’t dig in your organic matter when planting but leave on the surface for worms to do the job they are meant to do.

Having been involved in various experimental testing he assured that it was unnecessary to use hormone rooting powder, crock shards in pots hindered good drainage and there was no need to wash out empty plant pots!

Finally be ruthless and get rid of any plants that are past their best or don’t give a long season of pleasure. He had a particular aversion to lilac trees in the garden!

As usual Bob Brown gave a lively presentation and the plants he bought for sale were a delightful selection and proved popular.

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