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Calke Park Community Liaison Group

The Calke Park Community Liaison Group (known by the National Trust as The Ticknall Community liaison group (TCLG)) was formed in April 2017 on the recommendation of South Derbyshire District Council Planning Committee with a view to improving the relationship between the National Trust and the local community.

The group includes two representatives of the Parish Council, two representatives from Calke Park, one representative from Ticknall Village Hall and two representatives from Ticknall parish.

The group meets every three months to discuss matters of interest to Ticknall residents and to share information and ideas with the wider community. The National Trust creates a newsletter which is distributed by the Parish Council.

Any villager who wishes to raise any matter may contact any member of the group. However, the Parish Council has agreed to act as a point of contact, so if you have a matter that you wish to raise you can contact Celia Bunston, the Clerk to the Council on 01332 865226 or by email here.

Committee members are as follows:

Jeff Collett, Chair and Local resident jeffrey.collett37@gmail.com
Dave Armstrong, Local resident,
Paul Colleyshaw, Ticknall Village Hall,
Julie Tibbert, Ticknall Parish Council,
Nigel Picken, Ticknall Parish Council,
Stewart Alcock, National Trust,
Alison Thornhill, National Trust.

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