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Calke Park Traffic Management

Following on from earlier traffic problems in the village, the National Trust now believe that they have found a cure. In their most recent newsletter following the meeting of the Calke Park Community Liaison Group, they say that “Calke Abbey’s traffic management was successful during busy weekends in the late summer and autumn 2018.

“On busy days, traffic can quickly build and back up to the A514. To resolve this, Calke placed a traffic marshall at the entrance, who was able to communicate with the park admission team and prevent any inconvenience for through traffic.

“Calke Abbey is now making some alterations to the Middle Lodge admissions point to alleviate the pressure in this area.

“The admissions hut is being moved further down the drive away from Middle Lodge, and the second and third lanes are being extended to improve traffic flow into the parkland. The longer lanes will provide more space for queuing vehicles, giving visitors extra time to choose a lane and ultimately speeding up the flow of vehicles through Middle Lodge.

“Eventually, Calke is going to redesign the park entry hut to have less impact on the wider landscape, although this will be installed at a later date. The work is already underway at Middle Lodge and will be completed by 22 Feb 2019.”

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