A Suburban Garden

The suburbs often get a bad press being neither as vibrant as a city or as attractive as the country. Perhaps an in-between place; boring and sterile. Yet some of our most lovely gardens are to be found on the outskirts of a town with attractive and well-kept front gardens and lovingly tended areas at the back of the house. However the suburban garden under scrutiny at the June meeting of Ticknall Garden Club was hard to beat and certainly not a typical one.

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An Oasis of Delight

At the June meeting of Ticknall Garden Club Philip Aubury gave an interesting talk on what he called “an oasis of delight”. This was in fact the Botanical Gardens at Edgbaston in Birmingham. Being a past director he knew a lot about its history. A Horticultural Society was founded in Birmingham as far back as 1829. This was at a time when plant hunting in foreign lands was bringing in many new discoveries to supplement the limited range of native species.

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