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      Deborah Lacide

      I shall be visiting Ticknall with my Dad, Dick Banton on 17th and 18th June. We know that my grandfather’s family and his forebears lived in the Ticknall area going back to the 1650s. My grandfather was born in 1894 named Samuel Henry Banton and his father had the same name. My father is John Richard Banton and from our family tree we see that there has been a John Richard in every generation we have been able to trace. We know the family were engaged in the limeworks and in service at the Abbey in the 19th Century, after which my grandfather moved to Burton as a boy. I saw a previous posting somewhere mentioning delivering newspapers to Ebbie Banton. My Dad had an Uncle Eb and we think this could be him, It would be great if anyone can direct us to where we may find some records, photos etc whilst we are there. I see from previous postings that there is of course Banton’s Lane and some gravestones with the family name at the church.

      Many thanks Deborah Lacide (nee Banton)

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      Stuart Woodward

      Hi Deborah
      I have a number of records re the Banton Family if you drop me an email to I will forward them to you with any other info I have.
      Stuart Woodward

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      Bryan Smith

      Hi, Deborah,
      I have just stumbled across a post by John Decamps from the old comments system. Perhaps it is the one that you recall having seen. He said:

      Ernest Banton, wife and daughter Eileen, lived in the end cottage next to where Royal Oak Garage used to be at the northern end of the village where now stands a house.
      I delivered daily newspapers to their cottage from 1948 until 1963 whence they had since died, Daughter Eilleen was married too by then to Eric Mathews, lived at Hartshorne, would now be in her early 80’s.
      Another old guy Ebbie Banton lived in the Almshouses next to the church, could be Ernest’s father. That is all the Bantons in Ticknall during my time living there and up to say 2,000.
      John Decamps.

Viewing 2 reply threads
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