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      Whilst digging a new border to my garden in Chapel Street, as usual I was digging all sorts of stones. In amongst the usual bits of bricks, limestone, stoneware drainage pipe I found what looks like a flint spear head.

      I have photographed it. It is 5.5 centimetres long and 3.8 wide. There is a notch at the base to take a handle etc. At the base the edges are blunt but it gradually becomes thinner with sharp edges and sharp point.

      I have seen flint weapons in museums but this is definitely a first. Anyone help with some details?

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      Bryan SmithBryan Smith

      Hi Derrick,
      If you send me your photo I’ll see if I can insert it into your post.

      Hey, yes, to my untutored eye it looks to be the genuine article, but I am sure that others will tell you much more . . .

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      Annette SoarAnnette Soar

      Hi Derrick,
      I’m no expert but the flint certainly looks interesting! TARG are having an excavation at Springfield Farm till 22nd so I suggest you take it along as several members have some experience. If you look at Ticknall Historical and Preservation Society’s photo on Ticknall Life, the gateway bottom left leads to the dig site.
      Annette Soar.

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      Bryan SmithBryan Smith

      Should that be bottom right, Annette?
      Derrick, in case you are unsure about where TARG are digging this month, I think you will find them via the Ticknall Life Calendar page.

      Tip: Click on ‘View Full-size Map’, switch to ‘Satellite’ then zoom in on the map. Hope this helps.
      If this is not right, Annette will correct me.

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