Garden Club Calendar Suspended

It will come as no surprise to you to hear that Ticknall Garden Club is suspending all its activities for the next three months at least. There will be no meetings in April, May and June and the Plant Sale on May 10th will not take place as planned.

The holiday to Worthing has been postponed until next year with all bookings and deposits carried forward. (More detailed information on customer’s rights is not yet available).

We are living in unprecedented and uncertain times but no doubt we will weather the storm. Let’s hope that we all stay safe and if you are self-isolating there will never be a better time to get your garden looking the best it has ever been!

Best wishes,
Pam Adams

Pamela Adams
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Pamela Adams

In addition to her many other interests, Pam keeps us up to speed on the activities of the Ticknall Garden Club.

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