Garden Club Christmas Social

Members and guests of Ticknall Garden Club attended the Annual Christmas Social Evening on December 13th. They were treated to a tempting and generous buffet which had been prepared by committee members and helpers.

The highlight was an entertaining performance from singer and humorist Morgan Reeves. He had travelled all the way from North Wales for the evening. He had the ability to sing a wide range of songs including opera, songs from musicals and rock and roll. His ability to mimic the singing of famous artists on request was another proof of his versatility but he did draw the line at Beyoncé and Demis Roussos!

Ticknall Village Hall was warm and festively decorated for the occasion. Its recent refurbishment with new chairs, elegant drapes and glittering lights provided a welcoming atmosphere. It had been a highly entertaining evening and we all went home full of the Christmas spirit!

The next Garden Club meeting on January 10th at 7.30 pm in the Village Hall cannot hope to match the last one but will be entertaining in its own way as Jeff Bates is always a popular speaker. He will be talking about clematis and other climbing plants so there should be plenty of interest for everyone.

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