New Covid-19 cases in South Derbyshire

This post is the last Covid post at Ticknall Life. It will be visible here for a few days befored being consigned to the archive.

According to the Govt. website, 75 new cases were reported in South Derbyshire in the last seven days. The above chart and data were updated on Monday, 16/5/2022.

Since the week of 21 February 2022, the UK Health Security Agency no longer publishes dashboard updates at weekends or holidays.

Local cases, 7 days

This local data is for the seven days to 11 May 2022 and is shown below. As the England average continues its decline, local new infection rates are above the England average (note, average of 7 days ending 5 days ago). However, it is likely that todays local new infections are close to zero.

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