Latest UK Coronavirus data

Retirees and other vulnerable groups in Ticknall and South Derbyshire will no doubt have put themselves under house arrest for the duration. Well-deserved plaudits go to Colin at ‘Scoff and Shop’ for making safe deliveries of essentials and to Mary Magson’s Lunch Club team for their selfless gestures to vulnerable Ticknall residents. Also to all neighbours and family members who are playing their part in trying to keep vulnerable residents safe.

UK Data

The chart below is based on 31/05/2020 UK data from the new government website. Note, only lab-confirmed England figures. More detail here.

It looks as though our officials are working an eight-day week now! No! Wait! As of 31 May, it’s changed again. Now it’s 9 days. That’s dedication!

Global data

Click on location to see details.

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