Mobile Phone Coverage in Ticknall

Ticknall has always had poor mobile coverage and, of late, it seems to be getting worse. In 2016 an application for a mast at Woodside Farm was granted which led us to believe that we were, at last, going to see an improvement. Sadly, this has not materialised and we learn that this application is not going forward.

This site is still active for a provider to install a mast and the Church are looking to promote the spire as another site for a mast to be installed but the problem is getting the mobile companies interested in supplying rural areas.

We have been in contact with the Department of Culture, Media & Sport who say that the information given by the mobile companies shows that we have an adequate service. Clearly, they have never tried to make a phone call in Ticknall.

Most phone companies will, if pressed, supply a booster that can be linked to your broadband and give a better service within your home. If you have a smartphone, whatsapp also enables you to use your mobile phone through the internet. However, this does not solve the problem of poor coverage.

We, as your parish council, will press the phone companies and regulatory bodies such as OFCOM and the Department of Culture, Media & Sport to do something. We have been in contact with Heather Wheeler, our MP, who has asked for details of our problems so she can take up our case with OFCOM.

It is going to be a long process but we will persevere with this. It may help if when we are negotiating a new contract to ask what coverage they can guarantee. If anyone has any ideas as how to resolve this issue please share it with us.

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