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On our way out of lockdown

With new cases of Covid-19 close to zero in South Derbyshire and deaths in the whole of the East Midlands less than one per day, are we now getting to a point where something resembling normal life is possible? The impact of the coronavirus on Ticknall and surrounding areas has been considerable, with many furloughed or working from home and many more of the more vulnerable elderly people just ‘keeping their heads down’.

For many of us, though, perhaps the most obvious effect was the complete shutdown of the many social activities, mainly centred on the village hall. Apart from anything else, this has meant a sudden unexpected loss of revenue for the village hall which has relatively recently been getting back on to an even keel after a financially difficult spell.

Village hall treasurer Paul Colleyshaw tells Ticknall Life . . .

“We have got the hall to Covid-19 secure status and we are trying to establish what groups want to return to using the village hall.

“However, we are limited to groups of not more than 30 people at any one time and having to limit the number of events each day so that cleaning can take place between bookings.

“It is so difficult to give accurate information as the situation is changing and evolving all the time and so we are really taking things one month at a time. We are still getting enquiries for bookings and whilst accepting them are having to explain that the event may or may not take place.

“I would ask that anyone wanting to make a booking should please contact Helen Smith at the Village Hall (contact details here). It is so important for everyone that we all work and pull together to be united in how we deal with this pandemic and try to learn to live with this problem.”

Reports suggest that some groups will not be able to re-start at all, and may fold. Certainly, it is difficult to see how an event with a hired speaker can be viable with a total (presumably including the organisers) of not more than 30 people. Lunch Club usually entertains up to 50 elderly diners, but it relies on a large number of volunteer helpers, too. Given the disproportionate vulnerability of the elderly, it is questionable how many would even want to get involved.

Nevertheless, the Garden Club is taking a positive view, with Pam Adams saying “We are now planning for our meetings to restart in January. There can be no guarantee but we remain hopeful. . . . Nick Bailey is booked for the February meeting. He is a popular presenter on Gardeners World and an entertaining speaker with a wide background in practical gardening.”

With minimal new cases in South Derbyshire, peak coronavirus three months behind us and the new year four months away, and absent a ‘second wave,’ we would expect government restrictions to have been sufficiently eased by the new year. It would seem that Pam Adams’ proposed January resumption is not a day too soon.

If you have events pencilled in, please let me know at Ticknall Life so that we can get them into the Events Calendar.

Bryan Smith
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