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I am pleased to be able to tell you (although not without some trepidation) that we will be restarting our Garden Club meetings on Tuesday, September 14th in Ticknall Village Hall at 7.30 p.m. We look forward to welcoming our members back under the covid guidelines listed below. A familiar favourite, Justin Harrison from Burton Market, will be there with his usual sound advice on a tempting choice of plants to buy.

The first few minutes of the meeting will be reserved for you to approve a change in the Club’s constitution. This will allow us to move the start of our Garden Club calendar to January instead of September. In future, our programme and subscription renewal will then date from January each year. Our speakers up till then will be on a short notice basis. Min and Sally are working hard to fill the gap, but it is rather a case of Hobson’s choice. Some speakers are still reluctant to venture into the unknown. We can however confirm that Nick Bailey has been booked for March next year and Chris Beardshaw for October.

Covid guidelines for meetings.

  • Anyone attending meetings must not do so if they have had Covid 19 symptoms in the previous 10 days or are self-isolating.
  • People will be asked to sign in on arrival. As an alternative the QR code will be available for scanning at the entrance.
  • The Hall will be kept as well ventilated as possible and hand sanitisers will be available.
  • The Hall will be cleaned and sanitised prior to arrival.

Garden Club Holiday 2022

Just a reminder that there are places available on our postponed holiday which will now be from Friday May 23rd to Friday May 27th, 2022 staying at Langstone Quays Hotel, Hayling Island, Portsmouth.

The cost is £410 plus garden admissions.

  • Contact Pat Chinnery on 01332 863433 or for any queries.

We hope that many of you will support our reopening and that the disruption to normal life
caused by the pandemic will gradually in time become a thing of the past.

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