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A few quotes here of actual responses to questions from contributors. The things they ask . . .
Another ‘work in progress’. Any volunteers to help new users?

Q&A_qHow do I get started with making my contribution to the website?

Q&A_aA few simple steps:

  • Create an account
  • Log in
  • Look for the links at the top of the page – choose New >> Post
  • On the editor interface that appears, start to fill out the fields:
    • Title (of your post)
    • Content – type or paste in your story to the main content area.
      • If you are pasting from a MSWord document or any other formatted source, do it first in the ‘text’ tab then switch to the ‘visual’ tab and complete your editing.
  • Choose a ‘category’ from those in the list on the right side towards the bottom of the screen
  • Also on the right side near the top (you may need to scroll) click on ‘Save Draft’.

For a full explanation of all the fields please see the User Guide for Contributors.

Q&A_qI am a first time user with little experience with images. I have prepared this image 800 px wide. Is it suitable for upload to the media library? Also, can I use the image within the body text or do I need to make another (smaller ?) image for that?

Q&A_aAn 800px wide image is just what is required for the ‘featured image’ to go with your post. However, the image at 533 px high would get cropped top and bottom equally, which for this particular image would not imho give the best result. It’s also heavier than it needs to be at 190 kB. I suggest that you

  • selectively crop the image to 800 x 450
  • using your favourite image editing software, compress it down to about 65 kB – one third of the present file size. If your file is 100kB or more, it’s probably larger than it needs to be.

You can use the same image within the text by choosing from the re-sizing options that you will see during the insertion procedure. There are pre-set sizes or you can specify a custom size. I think 300 px is good – remember that the site is designed to be usable on small screens such as tablets and mobile ‘phones.

If you use the full size image resized it behaves like a thumbnail so that when the user clicks on the screen image a full size image is displayed.

Q&A_qI have inserted the main 800px x 450px image into my post but it is not showing above the article or on the ‘teaser’ text. What else do I need to do?

Q&A_aTo display above the post the image needs to be inserted as a ‘Featured Image’. To do this, scroll to the bottom right of the edit screen and click on the link ‘Add Featured Image’ then select the image to insert. You can choose an image from the library or use the ‘upload’ tab to upload an image from your computer.

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Bryan Smith

Bryan Smith

Bryan Smith is editor of Ticknall Life community magazine.

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