Sad Tale of Ticknall’s Toxic Toilets

The poor condition of the public toilets in Ticknall has been highlighted by a regular visitor who decided to write to Ticknall Life about the problem. In his message to Ticknall Life, David Redfern describes the state of the toilets in stark terms. He tells us

“For many years my wife and I have been regular visitors to your lovely village of Ticknall, always parking in the car park next to the village hall. In all those years we have never ever seen the toilets in the disgusting state they are in now.

“I have no idea who is responsible for the upkeep and cleaning of the toilets, but something desperately needs to be done soon.

“I understand that some members of the public do not help, but in the gents toilet, no lights, paper, soap and urine all over the floor. I did not venture into the cubicles as there was no lights and the smell was shocking.

“My wife had an equally harrowing experience and said she will never return. We find it very sad and I am sure you will agree that there is no place for this disgusting mess in your lovely village.”

The letter was passed on to Ticknall Parish Council and to Cllr Mike Stanton, Chairman of South Derbyshire District Council and member for Repton.

Cllr Paul Colleyshaw, Chairman of Ticknall Parish Council responded promptly:

“The public toilets are the responsibility of South Derbyshire District Council and we are aware of the problems. The Parish Council have been in contact with SDDC regarding the condition and Cllr Stanton has been pushing for a solution to this unacceptable situation.

“I have asked Cllr Stanton to escalate the issue and put it before SDDCs chief executive, Frank McCardle, to ensure that we resolve this problem quickly.”

As a visitor to Ticknall, surely Mr Redfern is doing a public service for Ticknall by complaining. As he says,

“[It] is important not just for visitors to Ticknall, but for the village itself.”

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