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We are Social!

You will, I hope, be as excited as we are that Ticknall Life is now not just an online magazine but an online community. If you would like to register on the website and then log in you will find a number of new community options.

Facilities include groups, friends, private messaging (to one or more individuals), notifications, forums, moderation and more.

Follow the conversation, share thoughts and ideas with fellow members and friends. Ask questions about any topic. Create a group and invite others to join – it can be public or private according to your needs. Use the button below to help build our online community for the post-pandemic world.

Don’t expect it to be like normal social media. Moderation will ensure that there will be no twitter storms, flame wars or trolls. There won’t even be any ads. Just Ticknall Life folks promoting their next group event, or asking for advice, or offering free garden plants. You know, the usual kind of stuff that makes real communities tick.

So be sure to register right away to help us build a safe and vibrant Ticknall online community.

Existing registered users will may need to create a new account, but please log in and update your profile.

So what are you waiting for?               REGISTER NOW

Bryan Smith
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Bryan Smith

Bryan is the editor of Ticknall Life community magazine. (For over 20 years.)

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