The Chequers Inn, Ticknall

The Chequers Inn, Ticknall is the oldest pub in the village and is very much the stereotypical traditional country village pub.

With thick stone walls and small windows you just know that there will be a warm welcome inside, and indeed there is, thanks to hosts Tony, Claire and family.

The Chequers Inn Ticknall dates from the seventeenth century, and there are three smallish public rooms one of which has a small bar from where the host dispenses good ale and bonhomie.

Among the traditional features at the Chequers are fixed simple benches and a welcoming open fire in an inglenook.

There is a piano in one of the rooms and games in the third, so the Chequers Inn at Ticknall can cater to most of your needs, which reminds me – another traditional feature of the Chequers is outside toilets.

There is also a generous covered outdoor seating area, and a large garden.

Yet another thing that’s traditional here at the Chequers, Ticknall is of course the beer. Cask-conditioned beers at the Chequers are selected from among Englands most famous brands.

Real ale buffs will not be disappointed by the traditional beers at the Chequers Inn at Ticknall.

Do you have any favourite pictures of the Chequers Inn (inside or outside, old or new)? If you would be happy for us to use them on this page please send them by email to Ticknall Life.

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