Preservation & Historical Society – Events 2017/18

Visitors to Ticknall are most welcome to attend the meetings of the Ticknall Preservation & Historical Society held on the last Friday of each month at 7.30 pm in The Village Hall, Ingleby Lane.

Our programme of events for 2017-18 is shown below, but keep an eye on this page in case there are last minute changes to the programme.

For more about the origins and history of our village please see the potted history.

Or for a fuller history, click here.

Friday 29th SeptemberNottingham Green Spaces with Professor John Beckett
Professor John Beckett explores the history of Municipal public parks, cemeteries and other public green spaces which are one of the greatest legacies of Victorian Nottingham.
Friday 27th October2500 Years of the Horse with Lois Edwards
Lois examines the relationship of man with the horse throughout history.
Friday 24th NovemberHighway Men with Leigh Timmins
Lee tells us about the highway robbery and the charismatic characters involved.
Friday 26th JanuaryHistory of Maps with Richard Stone
Richard reviews maps from the earliest times to today's ordinance surveys.
Friday 23rd FebruaryRobert Bakewell and Dishley Grange with Ernie Miller
Robert Bakewell, British agriculturalist, is recognised as one of the most important figures in the British Agricultural Revolution.
Friday 23rd MarchBess of Hardwick with Julie Ede
Julie tells us the life story of this fascinating local Elizabethan woman.
Friday 26th AprilHerblore with Christina Smee
Christina re-enacts the role of the Medieval wise woman of Rouen to explain the use of herbs.
Friday 18th MayMedieval War Bow with Mark Stretton
Mark, a recognised expert arrowsmith and Guinness record holder tells about this formidable weapon.
Friday 29th JuneVisit to Donington le Heath Manor Gardens
Join Michael Arkle head gardener to see the re-creation of the gardens as they were in 1620.
Friday 28th SeptemberAGM (brief) – TBA

Everyone is most welcome to any meeting.

Entrance Fee: £1, Visitors £2 (including refreshments)

Annual Membership Fee: Single £4 Couples £6

Meeting 7.30 pm in Ticknall Village Hall, Ingleby Lane.

Programme subject to unforeseen changes.

Please telephone any enquiries to 01530 810266/01283 762064/01332 862116


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Bryan Smith

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