Ticknall Archaeological Research Group

We started in 2010 with a ‘Your Heritage’ grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund over 3 years, to investigate the archaeology of Ticknall’s potteries and its landscape history.

2018 was another busy and interesting year for TARG. We have done more fieldwalking and carried out two digs; and started on a new program of post-excavation analysis and reporting. We made two interesting visits – to Avoncroft Museum of Historic Buildings and the village of Laxton in Nottinghamshire.  We also carried out more tree recording and continued with our regular pot drawing sessions.

We now know that Ticknall’s pottery production goes back to the 1100s! Finely decorated pots were made, as well as lots of everyday wares for the kitchen and dairy. We have had some of our finds confirmed as made in Ticknall by chemical analysis, which gives a distinctive signature.

Field walking is another regular activity, where we look for evidence of land occupation in the past. We have found Mesolithic and Neolithic flints as our oldest evidence, followed by Romano – British pottery and a Roman blue glass bead, plus a huge amount of local pottery. All this is sorted and recorded, like the finds from our digs.

Recently we have started doing tree recording for the Calke Estate in the early spring. We had training from the National Trust for this, and we have been able to assist the Trust with excavation work, identifying items from their store and helping with Calke Archaeology Club.

Each year we have done historical landscape walks for the group and we are currently looking at the layout of the medieval village. A surprising number of the original plot boundaries still delineate the properties here. We have run day schools on understanding house development in support of this.

Other day schools have been on identifying Roman pottery, maps, old handwriting, pottery illustration, medieval gardens and trying out how to knap flint tools. This was more difficult than it seems, but great fun.

We have an active pottery illustration group which meets monthly to support the reports of our work. TARG provided the two information boards from our HLF grant; one is at the village hall and the other is at the top of the market place.

We have a sociable dinner in November each year, usually at the Wheel, but this year (2018) we went to the Smisby Arms as the Wheel was closed.  The AGM is held (like many of our activities) in Ticknall Village Hall, usually in March.

Visitors and new members are welcome; subscription details here.

Annette Soar

Annette keeps us up to date on the activities of the Ticknall Archaeological Research Group.
Annette Soar

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Annette Soar

Annette keeps us up to date on the activities of the Ticknall Archaeological Research Group.

Annette Soar
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