Archaeology Group Wound Up after Eleven Years

After 11 years of archaeological and historical research on the Ticknall Potteries, we have run out of sites for further investigation. We always knew this would be the case as we were initially only funded for three years, but we have managed to keep going for a lot longer thanks to all the people who have shown an interest, allowed us to investigate their gardens and land, and supported us in any way at all.

We couldn’t have done it without you. It has been an interesting few years and we have all learnt an enormous amount about pottery and other archaeology.  We’ve also made some good friends.

The group was formally wound up at our AGM in March this year.

All our investigations have been written up so that there is a proper record of Ticknall’s pottery history. We are currently preparing deposit boxes of samples for museums.

Thank you for your support.

Janet Spavold, Sue Brown and Annette Soar.

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