Excavations at Staunton Lane End Cottage, Ticknall

Another First for Ticknall! In 2014 Ticknall Archaeological Research Group uncovered the first and so far only production site for Ticknall Bottles. This pottery form has previously always been referred to as Martincamp Flasks and thought to be imported from Normandy.

Although this is the familiar shape known as the Martincamp Flask, an unusual Midlands distribution had been noted and we suggest that production of this ware in Ticknall may well account for it. Because of its local provenance we have called our finds Ticknall Bottles as they were known in the past.

Our research leads us to believe however that there must have been at least two other production sites in England.

A report has been produced:-
ISBN 9-780956-786180 Price £12.00 plus £2.50 post and packing (inland) or £22 including post and packing overseas.

To order a copy please email targ.sec@gmail.com and details will be sent.

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