A Decade of Lunch Club

Where did those ten years go? It seems like only yesterday that a share of the Scarecrow Trail proceeds helped us to launch our rather grand sounding Ticknall Luncheon Club. But here we were, ten years after that first lunch on 16 September 2008, celebrating the tenth anniversary of Lunch Club.

We decided at the outset that it would be a Ticknall Residents Community Event where we would enjoy our lunch but more importantly, get to know our neighbours and fellow residents.

We have always tried to source food locally and it has all been prepared and cooked here in Ticknall.

Over the ten years, we have served more than 9900 meals.

It is perhaps not so widely known that we also support the charity Mary’s Meals which provides children in poor countries with a midday meal at school giving them an additional incentive to attend school regularly to get a good education.

We estimate that through our modest donations we have provided as many meals to poor children in Africa as we have provided to Lunch Club members here in Ticknall.

To ensure that all our diners can get to and from lunch at Ticknall Village Hall, we have used the services of Melbourne Community Care and we owe a huge Thank You to both Len and Neil for giving up their time, not just to us, but also to the various needs of the people of Melbourne.

We have a strong united group of 21 volunteers, many of whom were here at the beginning. We all get enormous pleasure from coming and making the event the success that it surely is.

But most of all we thank you, our members, who come along every fortnight, donate gifts and whose company we very much enjoy.

In the main picture, left to right; Mary Magson, Jennifer Illsley, Mary Mettam, Jen Woodhead, Ian Insley, Kevin Towler, Irene Hanson, Jenny Smedley, Jean Goodall, Liz Hammond, Maggie Mellish and Clare Pattinson. Behind the camera is Jenny Hollingsworth.

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Mary Magson

Farmers daughter Mary is the founder and leading light of the Ticknall Luncheon Club.