A page dedicated to our valued contributors.

Shown below are authors who have contributed more than one post.

Bryan Smith

Bryan is the editor of Ticknall Life community magazine. (Since 2000.)

Pamela Adams

In addition to her many other interests, Pam keeps us up to speed on the activities of the Ticknall Garden Club.

Karen Kreft

With a passion for social history, ex-teacher Karen has, since 2017, created a database of over 2000 Calke servants.

Annette Soar

Annette keeps us up to date on the activities of the Ticknall Archaeological Research Group.

Norman Monahan

Harpur-Crewe guru and one-time publisher, jazz fan Norman is, at 100 years of age, our oldest contributor.

Paul Colleyshaw

As Parish Council chairman and Village Hall Treasurer, retired businessman Paul works hard for Ticknall.

Griselda Kerr

If not in her Melbourne garden, author Griselda is probably designing, judging, writing or talking about gardening.

Mary Magson

Farmers daughter Mary is the founder and leading light of the Ticknall Luncheon Club.

Barry Hill

A long-time member of the Ticknall Preservation and Historical Society, Barry keeps us up to date with their events.

Celia Sanger

With a special interest in Calke and the Harpur-Crewes, we think of Celia as our History correspondent.

Nick Dexter

Nick is related to lots of dead people from Ticknall.

Paul Thomas

Through his work with the Army Cadets, Paul is concerned with the Defence of The Realm – especially Ticknall.

Janet Spavold

With a passion for Ticknall Pottery, historian Janet (and Sue Brown) literally wrote the book.

Maggie Fenby-Taylor

Former health professional Maggie is active in groups such as the Church and the Book Group. And look, she’s so cool.

Graham Mansey

A retired events organiser, book and record dealer, Graham is the Chairman of Friends of Elvaston Castle

Tricia Bricknell

Retired teacher Tricia is passionate about embroidery and art and is an active member of many local groups.

Cedric Fowkes

The late Cedric Fowkes was an active member of the Ticknall Methodists.

Andy Austen

As well as having an interest in the history of churches, Andy is also the bell tower captain at Hartshorne.

Bryan Smith
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