Well done Ticknall!

Thanks to great community support, Ticknall Life has won strong praise from the Webwatch column in the Burton Mail, out today. This is what Tim Fletcher, who writes their excellent column, had to say:-

“Most village websites are relatively small-scale, low-tech affairs. Not Ticknall’s. The South Derbyshire village boasts a highly impressive site “Ticknall Life” packed with relevant, informative and up-to-date content.

“With a very professional, unfussy design reminiscent of national newspaper portals, the site is easy to navigate and organised in a clean, logical format.

“Unlike many sites which gather dust through neglect, Ticknall Life boasts regularly updated news stories and articles relating to the village, which are flagged up from the homepage.

“There is also a comprehensive what’s on guide, information about local clubs and societies and lots of relevant, attractive pictures.

“The site includes information about Ticknall Parish Council, including profiles of all the councillors (with pictures), details of forthcoming meetings and recent planning applications.

“There are also plenty of opportunities for local people to contribute, a key factor in the site’s success according to webmaster Bryan Smith, who set the site up nine years ago.

“We decided in 2000 to set up a web page featuring the village community and it really grew out of that,” he says. “The following year we got our own domain. We get a lot of feedback from villagers, and most of the content on the site is provided by the community.”

“As is evident from looking at the site, it takes up a lot of time and clearly falls into the category of ‘labour of love’. “It takes many hours a day, but I get a lot of satisfaction out of it, not just for what it does for the community but because I enjoy web design,” says Bryan.

“With a regular newsletter, and the opportunity for visitors to sign up to join the online community, Ticknall Life sets a benchmark for other small community websites to aspire to.”

Thank you Ticknall. Your continued support and involvement is what makes Ticknall Life the great on-line magazine that it is today.

You can read more from Tim Fletcher at the Burton Mail website.

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Bryan Smith

Bryan is the editor of Ticknall Life community magazine. (For over 20 years.)