In the beginning . . .

Having spent about ten years developing the derelict stables at the limeyards, we found ourselves with empty bedrooms and empty bank accounts – perfect conditions for the emergence of a bed and breakfast business.

But how to get it off the ground without spending a small fortune on advertising and commissions?

Obviously (even in the nineteen nineties) we had to have a website. Actually, it was not that obvious; even though I had been interested in personal computing since about 1980, I knew nothing about the web and was a bit wary of this emerging phenomenon, which had become known as the ‘World Wide Wait’. Yes, it was very slow, and also had a feel of the Wild West about it. However, at that time it was free (as in Freedom) and nearly FREE (as in Free Beer) and that appealed to me!

Anyway, it was clear that I had to get myself up to speed on this HTML malarkey and it was not too long before I had a site up and running for Limeyards Stables bed and breakfast. And, of course, there was a page to provide visitors with information about Ticknall and the surrounding areas.

That page grew and grew and was the forerunner of what was to become Ticknall Life community magazine, which was launched as a free-standing project with its own domain in 2000.

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Bryan Smith

Bryan is the editor of Ticknall Life community magazine. (For over 20 years.)

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