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Ticknall Life community magazine depends heavily on the contributions of volunteer writers. Our magazine can only be sustained by the support and involvement of the volunteer community.

But that’s fine – we do it for the community. We create articles for ourselves, for each other and for visitors, too. And – say it quietly – it’s really good fun! Writing – and publishing – is a very satisfying and rewarding thing to do, especially when you are part of a team of like-minded people.

So, what do you need to get started?

Well, what you don’t need is experience. You will require a bit of free time and access to a computer of some kind, ideally with a connection to the internet, but what you need most is enthusiasm – not so much for writing as for your pet subject whether it be local history or some aspect of life in Ticknall – or whatever.

Or you may just want to help this community project in any way you can. That’s great. We need you! And it’s not just writers – there are ‘behind the scenes’ things you can get involved in, too. For instance, we need help with building the Trades and Services directory. So come and join the Ticknall Life team and tell us about your interests.

To make your very first contribution, you can use this button –> Send Your Post to Ticknall Life

If you would like to make a start on your first post using the ‘back end’ editor interface, please create an account for yourself now via the ‘Register’ link here or at the bottom of any page. You will be able to make a start on your first draft. You don’t have to publish it straight away; you can save it as a draft, log out and then return to it later. We can publish when you – and the editor – are completely happy with it. It’s a totally risk-free way to ‘test the waters’ of journalism. Register Now

Some posts on the site are what we call stubs – obvious topics that ought to be covered, but which are as yet unwritten. The same applies: Create an account for yourself via the ‘Register’ link at the bottom of any page. I will assign the article to your account and you can set to work on the post whenever you get a few moments. Easy-Peasy!


Or just do it the easy way, here, now.

This is the easiest way of all to send your copy to the editor. Tip – to see the form, you may need to refresh the page after logging in.

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Bryan Smith

Bryan is the editor of Ticknall Life community magazine. (For over 20 years.)

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