Planning Madness

I first met Marjorie Briggs when I ordered some cards from her at an exhibition of the Ticknall Art Group some years ago. Learning that we were new in the village Marjorie turned up the next day with not just the cards, but also a delicious home made lemon sponge.

That’s the sort of lady she is and I was so shocked to learn from this website that the application to remove the Robinia Pseudoacacia Frisia from her tiny front garden had been refused. I remember her planting the tree and it has certainly been a pretty sight for many years.

However, it is now looking well past its best and sadly it is too big for the tiny garden which Marjorie spends so much of her time tending.

I was particularly saddened to hear that a Tree Preservation Order had since been placed on the tree as if it was some prominent historically important ancient oak that was threatened by a malicious vandal wielding a chain saw. It has to be said that although Marjorie is a spirited old lady it is not easy to visualise her in that role!

This particular variety is sadly short lived and very prone to wind damage, so will not be there for very much longer, preservation order or not. This lovely lady who suffered a distraction burglary not too long ago would just like her cottage to be more visible and to be able to see better from her windows. Let us hope that common sense will prevail and that this planning madness will be reviewed soon.

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