Signal blockers to prevent car theft

This week we received the message below from Neighbourhood Watch concerning a high-tech but quick and simple method used in car theft. If you own a modern car that identifies the presence of your keys by radio, you may be vulnerable. The surveillance video of a real theft shows how easy it is for thieves to take your car.

People who own cars with locks that depend on RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology are concerned about the risk of thieves using their own RFID boxes to steal their cars.

I thought it would be helpful for you to see this video from West Midlands Police showing two car thieves taking a car using a device available on the internet.

There are pouches, also available from the internet, which are meant for phones but they are signal blockers – you cannot unlock the car whilst pressing the fob when it is inside the pouch!
Here is an example (not an endorsement of these particular ones, but just an example):

The device used by the thieves communicates with your keys by radio and steals the identity, which is then used to open the car, activating all systems. The pouches are lined with a protective screen to prevent the radio communication with your keys.

The good news is that to protect your keys in the house you don’t need to spend any money – just use an empty tin. That’s mine in the photo. It needs to be made of steel – if in doubt you can check it with a fridge (or similar) magnet. Keep it in a convenient position well away from outside doors.

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Bryan Smith

Bryan Smith

Bryan Smith is editor of Ticknall Life community magazine.

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