Where’s yer bin?

“Where’s yer bin?” heralded the punchline of a very old joke, but it’s no joke for Ticknall residents whose refuse wheelie bins went missing on collection days during the past eight weeks.

One of those affected was Neighbourhood Watch Co-ordinator Barry Hanson who had one of his brown bins taken, complete with painted-on house number.

Mr Hanson said “Today I was told a property in Harpur Avenue lost their black bin around the same time. I wonder if there are any other instances.”

If you have been a victim of the vanishing wheelie bin epidemic or if you know someone who has started his very own bin collection, Mr Hanson would like to hear from you.

You may also wish to inform the Cleansing Department at South Derbyshire District Council at waste.cleansing@south-derbys.gov.uk

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Bryan Smith

Bryan Smith is editor of Ticknall Life community magazine.

Bryan Smith

One thought on “Where’s yer bin?

  • 19 May 2016 at 9:48 am

    Might this “theft” be related to the introduction of local council waste disposal charges?

    To dump rubbish, you need something to put it in, and then leave it on the kerbside for others to empty.


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