Ticknall Water Spouts

Visitors to Ticknall often ask about the cast iron water spouts that are seen in various places in the village.  They were part of a public water supply installed on the instruction of Sir Vauncey Harpur-Crewe in 1914.

The pillar fountains are Grade II Listed and were manufactured by Glenfield and Kennedy Ltd of Kilmarnock. The Fountains were fed by gravity from a reservoir filled with water drawn from a well by wind-pump.

Long-time Ticknall resident Roy Hammerton worked for much of his life with the local water authorities that we now know as Severn Trent Water. His excellent paper on The Waters of Ticknall and Calke gives a fascinating insight into the history of the provision of water in the area from the days when a plentiful and safe supply of water at the tap was far from common. Use the button below to view and/or download the document.

Waters of Ticknall and Calke

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Bryan Smith

Bryan Smith is editor of Ticknall Life community magazine.

Bryan Smith
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