Field of rape near Ticknall.

Ticknall Walking Routes

There are so many alternative routes in the area around Ticknall that it is not easy to decide which particular route to take.

Those visiting Ticknall for the first time may wish to just enjoy learning about the village by following the Ticknall Trail.

Visitors who are new to the Ticknall area may wish to take a route that passes through the Calke Estate.

However, there are lots of features of interest such as Anchor Church, the Anchorite Cell on the banks of the River Trent or the grounds of Foremarke Hall, or Knowle Hill.

If you are a walker who enjoys walking in the area around Ticknall then please tell us about your own personal favourite route.

If you are looking for route suggestions, here are a few links to selected walks in Ticknall and the surrounding area: Please note that although use of the car park at the Village Hall is free, car park maintenance is expensive, so your donations in the box provided are much appreciated.

Ticknall Life Tours

Ticknall Village Trail
Anchor Church and Knowle Hill 6.1 miles
Ticknall, Milton, Seven Spouts 6.2 miles

External Links

Calke Abbey – Ancient Trees Trail 1 mile
Calke Park Wildlife Walk 1.5 miles
Calke Park and Staunton Harold 2 or 2.8 miles
Calke Abbey – Reflections Trail 2.4 miles
Calke Abbey – Orchid Walk 3 miles
Ticknall, Calke Village Circular 4.5 miles
Robin Wood, Ingleby Toft, Seven Spouts and Knowle Hill 5.4 miles
Calke Abbey and Robin Wood 8 miles
Ticknall Circular Walk 6 miles
A selection of walking routes on
Twenty South Derbyshire tours on Komoot

Do you walk regularly in the area? Do you enjoy planning and perhaps recording your walks? Would you like to work with Ticknall Life on a collection of favourite walks? If you answer yes to any of these questions, please get in touch via the contact form.

We need help with the preparation of articles and many other tasks on Ticknall Life. Can you help? You don’t need specialist skills – just enthusiasm and a willingness to contribute a small amount of time to support this community venture. More information here.

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  • 11 December 2018 at 10:23 pm

    Had a wonderful walk around Ticknall village and then through Calke Abbey. The walk took us past the house and church then on to the lane to the round view point. It brought me happy memories of fishing with my late father in Big Dog Kennel Pond with its island showing due to the low water in the reservoir as the pond is now part of the reservoir.

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