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  • Do you like to sing?

    Do you like to sing?

    Gresley Male Voice Choir are 35 strong with three pianists and one rather tall Musical Director and we would like to add to our numbers. So, do you like to sing? If you have thought about joining a choir or are considering returning to singing and wish to sing with a male voice choir, why…


  • Do They Have Someone in Mind?

    Do They Have Someone in Mind?

    Being a life-long jazz fan, I received an email from Derby Jazz today. It included this: (image) No hope for us then! Pity we live outside Belper! It matters little how capable, knowledgeable, experienced or enthusiastic you might be. Unless you are a young black female (or trans) addicted to social media living in or…


  • Legal Challenge over Elvaston Castle Plans

    Legal Challenge over Elvaston Castle Plans

    protection of Elvaston Castle and Park has reached a critical phase. Derbyshire County Council recently published its planning application for the destruction it would like to inflict on the Park.


  • Virtual Garage Sale

    Virtual Garage Sale

    We need the space, so no reasonable offer will be refused. Everything must go. Proceeds to Ticknall Life. Email if you have questions, or to view any item/s. Mirror, 782 x 1960 x 60 Mirror, 745 x 1050 x 40 Mirror, 440 x 1525 x 45 Mirror, 475 x 920 Mirrors (2) 390 x…


  • What did you do in the lockdown, Grandad?

    What did you do in the lockdown, Grandad?

    Norman Monahan’s work on the Ticknall water supply articles was going fine until it emerged that there were some important facts that needed investigating on the ground. Our star contributor Norman was not sufficiently mobile to carry out the necessary work, so progress was stalled. Then came Sars-Cov-2 and that was that. However, resourceful character…


  • Ticknall Phone Box Repainted

    Ticknall Phone Box Repainted

    Local resident Jeff Collett offered to repaint the red telephone box on High Street. The box is owned by the Heartbeat Trust, whose permission was sought and they were pleased to help. They contacted David Beckford of Pronto Paints who very kindly offered to provide the paint required. Shown above is Jeff hard at work.…


  • Own Goal

    Own Goal

    Today I received a “free” newspaper with the “Derbyshire FIRST” masthead. Yes, that’s it in the picture. I say “free” in quotes because I quickly realised that it was my money (and yours) that was being used to produce it. And think, ‘produce’ means not just writing the content, taking the pictures, creating the layout,…


  • New Decade?

    New Decade?

    The media is full of references lately to the ‘New Decade’. Every time I see it mentioned I think to myself “How can this be?” This is another of those times when I feel like I am the only one in step. Surely, if you start from ‘time zero’ the first decade would comprise years…


  • You Have Mail

    You Have Mail

    Being the sad and lonely nerd that I am, I look forward eagerly to receiving emails from my many contacts around the world – well, South Derbyshire mostly. You may have noticed that I usually respond quickly if you are rash enough to email me. That’s because I sit here all day constantly checking my…


  • Planning Madness

    Planning Madness

    I first met Marjorie Briggs when I ordered some cards from her at an exhibition of the Ticknall Art Group some years ago. Learning that we were new in the village Marjorie turned up the next day with not just the cards, but also a delicious homemade lemon sponge. That’s the sort of lady she…