Do They Have Someone in Mind?

Being a life-long jazz fan, I received an email from Derby Jazz today. It included this: (image)

No hope for us then! Pity we live outside Belper!

Could this possibly be

  • Ageist?
  • Biased?
  • Geoist?  😁
  • Racist?
  • Sexist?
  • Discriminatory?
  • Illegal?
  • Or just plain Woke?

This is what the Arts Council spend taxpayers money on! (After office costs, salaries, travel, expenses, perks and pensions.)

There’s already nine of them spending the money, and if you have a moment to listen, this is what we get for it (If we are prepared to risk spending time in the city at night, and pay another £10 each for admission.

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Bryan Smith

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