The study of the past by excavation and analysis of its material remains. – Wiktionary.

  • Ticknall Potteries

    Ticknall Potteries

    There are over 30 known pottery sites in the Ticknall area. Excavations have produced 13th century Coal Measures White Wares on production sites. Documents from 1328 refer to “le cleyputs” and in the late 1200s “Henricus ad Furnum” (Henry at the oven) is named. It is probably a pot oven. By 1538-1547 seven potters were…


  • Membership


    Ticknall Archaeological Research Group is always pleased to welcome new members. Annual Subscription (for the calendar year, including insurance) is £10, £5 for under 16s. To join TARG please email for further information. TARG Facebook


  • Pot Drawing

    Pot Drawing

    We need drawings of some of our finds to include in reports on our projects. The reports are published as TARG reports, where the archaeology and the interpretation is all done by TARG members.  The reports go to the official archaeological record and to the National Trust. Pot drawing (most of the finds being pottery) sessions usually take…


  • Church Lane Dig, Nov 2014

    Church Lane Dig, Nov 2014

    Before our house was built some forty years ago there was, according to local history, evidence of a pottery on the site. Nobody can be sure of exact dates but pottery finds in the garden of our neighbour have been dated to around the fifteenth to sixteenth century. Many people in the village already know…


  • How to Read Houses

    How to Read Houses

    In July 2017 Ticknall Archaeological Research Group had a very interesting and informative day school, led by Janet Spavold and Sue Brown, on reading the history of vernacular houses. In the first session of the morning Janet gave us a whistle-stop tour of how the style of houses changed from the Medieval period to the…


  • Fieldwalking


    A large field, recently ploughed, 20 volunteers, eager to be trained, and a fine sunny day, what more could anyone want? This was


  • Visit to Avoncroft Museum of Buildings

    Visit to Avoncroft Museum of Buildings

    Avoncroft Museum is home to over 30 different buildings and structures which have been rescued and re-built in rural Worcestershire. The Museum is spread over 19 acres of beautiful Worcestershire countryside and includes a wildflower meadow, period gardens, a traditional cider and perry orchard, as well as the collection of historic buildings. We had a…


  • Excavations at Staunton Lane End Cottage, Ticknall

    Excavations at Staunton Lane End Cottage, Ticknall

    Another First for Ticknall! In 2014 Ticknall Archaeological Research Group uncovered the first and so far only production site for Ticknall Bottles. This pottery form has previously always been referred to as Martincamp Flasks and thought to be imported from Normandy. Although this is the familiar shape known as the Martincamp Flask, an unusual Midlands…


  • Fieldwalking – 2019

    Fieldwalking – 2019

    On a fine, sunny Saturday morning, a number of TARG members gathered at Tadsor, off Coal Lane, for a field walking session. It didn’t take long to set up 8 lanes, each with 4 stints. The ground was so hard we could hardly get the poles and canes in – we really do need some…


  • Springfield Barn Dig, June 2019

    Springfield Barn Dig, June 2019

    Following the 2016 and 2018 excavations, the primary purpose of the 2019 excavation was to reopen the principal 2018 dig site and its adjacent area in order to prove (or otherwise) the existence of one or more kilns. Last year’s dig found materials and finds consistent with a close proximity to a kiln structure. This…


  • Messages from the Past on Ticknall Pottery

    Messages from the Past on Ticknall Pottery

    We all know about having a special mug with a design that really means something to its owner. A football club’s logo is perhaps the commonest example these days, so you can show the world who you support. Football clubs inspire intense, often lifelong, loyalty through good times and bad. They generate a sense of…


  • Archaeology Group Activities

    Archaeology Group Activities

    TARG activities are re-starting and notices will be sent to members. Unfortunately, there will be no Springfield Barn Dig in 2021 but we have plans for sorting finds and pot drawing sessions, including from the 2010 dig.